Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Got my yarn and made one hexagon.. now I have a question..

I made it with two circs instead of DPN"s it went really well nice and easy!!

The dimensions are what I am worried about.. before blocking it is on each edge 3 1/2 inches, then 5 inches across and 6 inches corner to corner.. does this sound about right?

I used size 11 needles, and my stitch gauge was on but my row gauge was off, I might move down to 10's

Monday, December 11, 2006

Lookin' for yarn in all the wrong places...
As a loom knitter you think I would have plenty of bulky yarn in my stash but I don't!!
I wonder if anyone has reccomendations on what yarn to use for this pattern. I know it reccommends Lamb's Pride bulky.. but it's wool.. and it scares me!!! I am just not sure about wool on my forehead! And I want to looooove this hat! So point me in the right direction! What are you all knitting your's up in??
If you tell me that the Lamb's Pride is soft and happy, well I will try it.. after all I got a coupon for my LYS in the mail for 15% off!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

I need a hat.. how about you?

Well I am probably the only knitter in the world without a hand knit hat! I have made plenty of them.. just not for me. They are mostly for my daughter, my book, my husband or for charity! It's about time I got a hat of my own!
I love uniquely constructed knit items. Teva Durham, and Norah Gaughan are fast becoming my fav designers.
So naturally when I saw this hat:

I fell for it!
So who would like to knit along with me??
Email me at DLayman at neo dot rr dot com and let me know I will add your link on the sidebar,and let you post!
Now I have to go dig around and see what yarn I have to make this!
And every knitalong needs a button.. here is one for now.

Please right click and save it to your computer before you use it! Thanks!

I just got an email from Ruth! There is also a crochet pattern for the Hex hat, I have put a link to the pattern on the sidebar.. so knit it, crochet it! Hey If I get the brain going maybe we can loom knit it !!! I am an equal opportunity alonger!! So join in!!